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Wild Men… Who Caught And Sang The Sun In Flight

After much deliberation, experimentation and research; there was very clearly an idea which grabbed our attention far more than others:

‘Wild Men’

Wild Men is the story of a group of young ex-Choristers who, in a daze of excitement and hope of adventure, go to fight in World War One along with the 65 million men who fought at that time. It’s a story of growing up, fearing and facing the unknown and dealing with loss. 


The story will be devised by the company over the course of 8 weeks which will come to a conclusion not only the Bristol Old Vic studio in June, but at the Tin Forest Festival held in Glasgow in July. 

Our first week of intensive rehearsals have passed and some interesting characters and story lines are already appearing. Not only have we discovered more about the characters we’ll be creating but we’ve looked at many different styles and techniques throughout the week ranging from writing tasks to stage combat. 


In the next few weeks we’ll continue to bring the story together and discover what exactly our characters have to face, and how, if ever, they overcome their fears.